No. 17
Spring 2003

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Message from the PDB

PDB Deposition Statistics

PDB Annotation Manual Online in PDF and PostScript Formats

PDB Focus: ADIT Annotators

New Features Available for Beta Testing: Biological Unit, Curated (Beta) mmCIF Files, Redundancy Reduction Cluster Data

New Features on the Structure Explorer Pages of the PDB Web Site: Author and Ligand Searches, BioMagResBank Links

PDB Focus: Redundancy Reduction Capability

PDB Focus: Maintaining a Local PDB FTP Mirror Site

PDB Focus: Weekly Updates to the PDB

PDB Web Site Statistics

Structural Bioinformatics Book Includes Chapters on the PDB

PDB Paper Published in Nucleic Acids Research

New Distribution Procedure for Protein Data Bank CD-ROM Sets

PDB at the Biophysical Society Meeting

PDB Focus: David Goodsell and the Molecule of the Month

PDB Molecules of the Quarter: Serum Albumin, Potassium Channels, and lac Repressor

PDB Education Corner

Related Links: Education

PDB Job Listings

PDB Members & Statement of Support


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Related Links: Education

The PDB's Education Web portal links to many different resources, including:

Online Macromolecular Museum

A site for the display and study of macromolecules; requires Netscape 3.01 or better and the free Chime plug-in
Audience: General

Basics of NMR

An introduction to the nuclear magnetic resonance experimental method
Audience: Undergraduate

Reciprocal Net

Distributed database used by research crystallographers to store information about molecular structures, including basic elements and ions, amino acids and nucleosides; also offers Flash tutorial on symmetry and point groups
Audience: Graduate