No. 17
Spring 2003

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Message from the PDB

During the past quarter, the PDB has added a variety of features for data query and reporting to our beta and production sites. The beta site ( is a place where new developments can be tested by the PDB community before they are added to the main production PDB sites worldwide ( Comments about features being tested at the PDB Beta Test Site should be sent to We thank all of you who have used this site and have provided feedback!

This newsletter includes the inaugural "PDB Education Corner" article. This section is intended to highlight the different ways the PDB is used in all types of classrooms. This quarter's feature is written by Prof. Gale Rhodes (University of Southern Maine), who writes about the use of graphics in introductory biochemistry courses, as well as workshops and other resources as part of his "Molecular Level" outreach program.


The biological unit of L-chain horse apoferritin

PDB ID: 1aew
Hempstead, P. D., Yewdall, S. J., Fernie, A. R., Lawson, D. M., Artymiuk, P. J., Rice, D. W., Ford, G. C., Harrison, P. M. (1997): Comparison of the three-dimensional structures of recombinant human H and horse L ferritins at high resolution. J. Mol. Biol. 268, p. 424.