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Spring 2003

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PDB Molecules of the Quarter: Serum Albumin, Potassium Channels, and lac Repressor

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PDB Focus: Maintaining a Local PDB FTP Mirror Site

There are several freely available methods for establishing and maintaining a local copy of the PDB FTP Site. The methods described below have the added benefit of preserving the timestamps on files:

The RCSB-created script is a template for using rsync to mirror the FTP archive from an anonymous rsync server. The script can be found at, and the comments in the script explain its usage. Before successfully running it, users will need to set three variables in to suit their local setup. This script is now used by the PDB to maintain its FTP mirrors.

The non-RCSB script, which had been used to mirror the PDB FTP archive in the past, is available under the GNU public license from It is recommended to install the ftp.pl_wupatch security patch with the script, also available from this site.

The RCSB-created script can also be useful for providers of new FTP mirror sites in obtaining the files from any one particular update. The script can be found at, and its usage is explained at Be aware that only LWP::UserAgent, but not wget, preserves the original time stamps of the files.

PDB FTP mirroring procedures are further explained at, and the layout of the PDB FTP archive is accessible at For more information about mirroring the PDB FTP Site, please send e-mail to