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Spring 2003

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New Distribution Procedure for Protein Data Bank CD-ROM Sets

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PDB Molecules of the Quarter: Serum Albumin, Potassium Channels, and lac Repressor

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New Distribution Procedure for Protein Data Bank CD-ROM Sets

The January 2003 release of the PDB CD-ROM sets, issue 103, is a full release of 19,623 experimentally determined structures that were available as of January 1, 2003. The structures, on five CD-ROM disks, have been shipped.

Starting with the April 2003 release, an incremental set of structures released since the January 2003 Issue will be sent to subscribers. Structures re-released for any reason between January and April will be included in this update. A list of files that have become obsolete since the last update will be included so users can update their set of structures.

July and October Issues will only contain the structures released during those quarters. New subscribers will receive the January release and all subsequent updates.

The index files in the pub/resource sub-directory will continue to include all structures in the current PDB FTP site as of that release.

Experimental data -- NMR constraints and X-ray structure factors -- will be handled in the same manner as the structures: a complete set in January, and incremental updates for the three subsequent quarters.

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