No. 16
Winter 2003

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Message from the PDB

PDB Deposition Statistics for 2002

PDB Focus: Sequence Prerelease

New PDB Mirror Site in Germany

Rsync Script for FTP Mirroring

Theoretical Models Search Interface on the PDB Beta Web Site

BioEditor Now Available from the PDB Web Site

PDB Web Site Statistics

PDB Paper Published in Bioinformatics

"Banking on Structures": BioIT World Article Looks at the PDB

PDB Art Exhibit Part of CCMB's Silver Jubilee Celebrations and Symposium

PDB Highlighted on New Jersey Network News

PDB Annual Report 2002 Now Available

PDB CD-ROM Set #102 and Subsequent Releases

PDB Focus: Educational Resources at the PDB

PDB Molecules of the Quarter: Dihydrofolate Reductase, Ferritin and Transferrin, and Cytochrome c

PDB Job Listings

PDB Members & Statement of Support


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