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Winter 2003

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PDB Deposition Statistics for 2002

PDB Focus: Sequence Prerelease

New PDB Mirror Site in Germany

Rsync Script for FTP Mirroring

Theoretical Models Search Interface on the PDB Beta Web Site

BioEditor Now Available from the PDB Web Site

PDB Web Site Statistics

PDB Paper Published in Bioinformatics

"Banking on Structures": BioIT World Article Looks at the PDB

PDB Art Exhibit Part of CCMB's Silver Jubilee Celebrations and Symposium

PDB Highlighted on New Jersey Network News

PDB Annual Report 2002 Now Available

PDB CD-ROM Set #102 and Subsequent Releases

PDB Focus: Educational Resources at the PDB

PDB Molecules of the Quarter: Dihydrofolate Reductase, Ferritin and Transferrin, and Cytochrome c

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PDB Focus: Educational Resources at the PDB

The "Educational Resources" page and the "Molecule of the Month" series are two important resources that the PDB maintains to serve the user community.

Each month, Dr. David S. Goodsell (The Scripps Research Institute) highlights a key biological molecule with illustrations and text designed for a general audience. These features are available from the PDB home page, and are archived at

The PDB Educational Resources page at compiles molecular biology resources for audiences ranging from elementary level students to undergraduates to the general public. Proteins and nucleic acid tutorials, PDB articles and animations, protein documentaries, the World Index of Molecular Visualization Resources, and an illustrated glossary of crystallographic and NMR terminology are a few of the resources linked to from this page.

Suggestions for additions to this page are appreciated and can be sent to