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PDB Paper Published in Bioinformatics

The September 2002 issue of Bioinformatics contains a paper describing the Ontology Driven Architecture that was developed to increase efficiency in the use of macromolecular structure (MMS) data contained in the PDB. The paper describes the OpenMMS Toolkit, a suite of software tools that conform to the OMG/LSR Corba standard (OMG specification formal/02-05-01). The OpenMMS Toolkit is based on a metamodel architecture and is written entirely in Java. It contains an mmCIF parser, reference and database Corba servers, a relational database loader and a prototype XML formatted file converter. Detailed documentation and all of the source code are available at

D.S. Greer, J.D. Westbrook, P.E. Bourne (2002): An ontology driven architecture for derived representations of macromolecular structure. Bioinformatics, 18(9), pp. 1280-1281. ? Oxford University Press.