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BioEditor Now Available from the PDB Web Site

BioEditor, a program for creating and viewing structure presentations, is now accessible from the PDB Web site at and

BioEditor ( is a tool to bridge the gap between printed literature and current Web-based presentation formats for macromolecular structures. It is a standalone Windows application that can be used to prepare and present structure annotations containing formatted text, graphics, sequence data, and interactive molecular views--all in a single document or set of documents. BioEditor facilitates the communication of structure data to a diverse audience by allowing users to create and view dynamic content in a uniform format that can be widely distributed through the internet.

BioEditor is designed to be used by structural scientists reporting and evaluating their data, as well as by educators and students who are seeking to relate structure to function in biological macromolecules. The BioEditor application includes features that enable the user to enter data, images, and references. Many features also link directly to resources on the internet.

Complete BioEditor documentaries on the PDB structures of a zinc binuclear cluster and the glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) enzyme are accessible from the Protein Documentaries section of PDB's Education Page at