Target Registration Database Available for Structure Genomics Projects Worldwide

TargetDB ( is a target registration database that was originally developed to provide registration and tracking information for NIH P50 structural genomics centers. TargetDB has now been expanded to include target data from worldwide structural genomics and proteomics projects. The scope of TargetDB is to provide timely status and tracking information on the progress of the production and solution of structures.

The target database can be searched by sequence using FASTA (Pearson, W.R. and Lipman, D.J. (1988): Improved tools for biological sequence comparison. PNAS 85, pp. 2444-2448). Sequence searches may include only the target sequences or the PDB sequences. Target sequences may also be searched by contributing site, protein name, project tracking identifier, date of last modification, and the current status of the target (e.g. cloned, expressed, crystallized, ...). Search results may be viewed as HTML reports, FASTA data files, or in XML.

Information on target classification is also available from and

The TargetDB query form. Search options include ID, target status, and structural genomics center. HTML reports include the current status of the target and the one-letter code sequence, and additional information when provided by the center (source organism, structure database references, links to project data, and other related remarks. Reports may also be created in FASTA and XML formats.)