New mmCIF and Data Processing Software Available

RCSB-developed programs for mmCIF and data processing -- including MAXIT, PDB_EXTRACT, and an mmCIF database loader -- are now available from the PDB's software page for download. These programs are available in source and binary versions.

RCSB-developed applications available for use with mmCIF and for data processing include:

  • CIFTr -- An application program for translating files in mmCIF format into files in PDB format
  • PDB Validation Suite -- A tool for processing and checking structure data
  • MAXIT -- An application for processing and curation of macromolecular structure data
  • ADIT -- A package for editing and checking structure data entries
  • PDB_EXTRACT -- Tools and examples for extracting mmCIF data from structure determination applications
  • mmCIF Loader -- An application to load mmCIF data into relational databases and XML

The PDB's Software page is a portal to software developed by the RCSB and others in the macromolecular structure community. Links to external software resources relating to mmCIF, crystallography, NMR, structure analysis and verification, modeling and simulation, and molecular graphics are also available here.

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