New Features on the PDB Web Site

Three new features are now available from the primary PDB Web site and its mirror sites:

  • After a period of testing on the PDB beta Web site, the Swiss-Pdb Viewer is now linked from the View Structure section of the Structure Explorer page for each PDB entry.
  • The Citation Tabular Reports, which can provide bibliographic information for each structure in a search results set, now include links to search Medline either by PDB ID or Medline ID.
  • A Perl script to download PDB files from any given update date is now available from This script has three usages:
    • dates -- retrieves and prints a list of valid update dates;
    • latest -- retrieves all files from the latest update; and
    • 20020603 -- retrieves all files from that particular update.

Questions or comments on these new features may be sent to

An image of PDB entry 1aon viewed with the Swiss-Pdb Viewer. This program offers functions such as comparison of alignments of multiple structures and determining distances between atoms.

PDB ID: 1aon
Xu, Z., Horwich, A.L., Sigler, P.B. (1997): The crystal structure of the asymmetric GroEL-GroES-(ADP)7 chaperonin complex.
Nature 388, pp. 741.