CD-ROM News: Experimental Data To Be Offered as Separate CD-ROM Set

The number of entries in the PDB archive is ever-increasing, and this is reflected in the number of CD-ROMs required to contain each quarterly release. In order to reduce the number of disks in each set, beginning with the October 2002 CD-ROM release, subscribers will receive only the coordinate files for structure entries. This will include structures solved by X-ray and NMR experimental techniques as well as those determined theoretically.

The experimental data files will no longer be included automatically. This will reduce the number of CD-ROM disks to be loaded by 50%. Requests to receive either the X-ray structure factors or NMR constraint files can be submitted at

All recipients of the current release, July 2002, received a flyer with the CD set that can be returned to request the experimental data as well as update their address. That same flyer is included as a README file on the first CD-ROM disk in directory pub and can thus be attached to an email to use in requesting the experimental data.

All CD-ROM services will continue to be available free of charge.