PDB Focus: Query Result Browser Options

Any set of structures returned from a PDB search can be included in a tabular report, downloaded in one file, queried further in a refined search, and more when using the Query Result Browser.

The pulldown menu at the top of the Query Result Browser page can be used to:

  • Perform a New Search -- returns either SearchFields or SearchLite, depending on which was used for the previous search.

  • Download Structures or Sequences -- search results can be downloaded in a single file in a variety of file and compression formats

  • Refine Your Query -- the resulting set can be searched further with the option to remove files that contain certain parameters or keywords

  • Create a Tabular Report -- choose from a variety of prepared reports (Structure Summary, Sequence, Crystallization Description, Unit Cell, Data Collection, Refinement, Citation) or customize your own

  • Select/Deselect All Structures -- all the entries can be selected/deselected with one click. This is useful when performing further operations on a result set in which the majority, but not all, structures are desired

  • Remove Sequence Homologues -- creates a subset of the structures from which sequence homologues have been largely removed

  • Show Only Selected Structures -- removes unselected structures from the browser view

  • Show Structures on Hold -- returns a list of unreleased structures which match the query

  • Review Your Query -- shows the search parameters used and the number of structures found, selected, and on hold

These options are activated by selecting one and clicking on the "Go" button.

More information on using the options available from the Query Result Browser is available at http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/help-results.html.