Theoretical Model Files Moved to Separate Directory on PDB FTP Site

As previously announced, the PDB theoretical model coordinate files were separated from the main archive beginning July 1, 2002. After this date, the main archive consists of structures determined using experimental methods only. Theoretical models will only be available for download from the PDB FTP site as follows:

  • All theoretical models are in a separate location in the FTP archive, and a subdirectory for obsoleted models is also available:

  • Any newly deposited or released theoretical model will go directly into the /models/current directory. If it supersedes an earlier model, that earlier model will be obsoleted, and moved from /models/current to /models/obsolete.

  • An index file is available in the models directory to facilitate browsing.

  • From the Web interfaces, a theoretical model file will only be accessible by entering its PDB ID. All other queries (SearchLite, SearchFields, Status) will not return model entries.

  • Searches by the PDB ID of a model through the Web will return a hyperlink to that model's coordinate file in the FTP archive.

  • Theoretical models will be removed from the PDB Contents Growth and PDB Holdings statistics at

  • Theoretical models will also be moved to a separate location on the PDB CD-ROMs after July 1.

Models may still be deposited after this date, using ADIT:,; or AutoDep: These depositions will be forwarded to the models directory of the PDB FTP server without further annotation or validation.