BioSync: A Structural Biologist's Guide to Synchrotron Facilities

The Structural Biology Synchrotron Users Organization (BioSync) offers a portal to resources for crystallographers through the BioSync Web site at This site contains information for prospective synchrotron users in the field of macromolecular crystallography, including technical desciptions of U.S. beamlines. Hyperlinks to beam time request forms, synchrotron usage training, site contact information and directions are also available. Further details can be obtained by visiting the BioSync Web site or by sending email to Further information on BioSync can also be found in the article:

A biologist's guide to synchrotron facilities: the BioSync Web resource

Anne Kuller, Ward Fleri, Wolfgang F. Bluhm, Janet L. Smith, John Westbrook and Philip E. Bourne

Trends in Biochemical Sciences 27:4, pp. 213-215.
(1 April 2002)