"The Art of Science" -- A PDB Art Gallery Exhibit

Visitors admire images of proteins at "The Art of Science" exhibit.

Images from the Protein Data Bank were presented as "The Art of Science", an art exhibit displayed at Rutgers University that focused on the beauty inherent in the three-dimensional structures of proteins. Various representations of proteins found in the PDB were highlighted, including large scale depictions of the images available from PDB Structure Explorer pages, images of collagen by Jordi Bella, and pictures from the PDB's Molecule of the Month series by David S. Goodsell. The exhibit, which was open from January 21 - February 9, was curated by Christine Zardecki.

"The Art of Science" exhibit turned out to be one of the more popular shows held at The Gallery, a space dedicated to art exhibits at Rutgers University. Many students, professors, and local educators viewed the exhibit during its run. Many commented on how they were surprised by how beautiful they found the images, and how interested they were in the scientific descriptions that accompanied the pictures. The exhibit was also the focus of several newspaper articles, including a story in The Star-Ledger and a front page article in The Bergen Record.