Message from the PDB

The year is off to a busy start for the PDB! In addition to handling the ever increasing data flow and continuing to provide new PDB features, PDB members have attended meetings in structural biology, structural genomics, computational biology and proteomics.

Talks were presented in the beginning of January all around the world: the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (January 3-7 in Mauna Lani, Hawaii), the Keystone Meeting "Structural Genomics: From Gene Sequence to Function" (January 5-11 in Breckenridge, CO) and the Cambridge Healthtech Institute's "Second Human Proteome Project Meeting" (January 7-10 in San Diego, CA). The PDB also participated in CCP4's "High-throughput Structure Determination Study Weekend (January 4-5 in York, UK). Some future events include:

A poster describing the PDB's ongoing efforts to make the data archive uniform will be presented at the Genome 9 meeting in Oakland, CA (January 27-31, 2002). These efforts are also described in the recent Nucleic Acids Research Database Issue ("The Protein Data Bank: unifying the archive" Nucleic Acids Research, 2002, Vol. 30, No. 1 245-248).

We will be exhibiting at the Biophysical Society's 46th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA (February 23-27, 2002) -- we hope you will stop by booth 204 and say hello.

The PDB will also be exhibiting in an art gallery to introduce the beauty of protein structure to a general audience. Various representations of proteins found in the PDB will be on display in "The Art of Science" at the Gallery, a space dedicated to art exhibits at Rutgers University. The Art of Science will be on display from January 21 - February 9, 2002. For more information, please send email to

Best wishes for 2002!