Prereleased Sequences Now Available from the PDB Web Site

After a favorable period of testing on the beta site, the PDB production site now offers sequence data before the release of the corresponding coordinate data through the PDB status search at Users may query all available sequences, or query based on criteria such as title or deposition date.

PDB depositors are given the opportunity to prerelease a sequence in advance of the coordinates. This decision is solely at the discretion of the depositor, who may also choose to hold the sequence until the structure is released.

The prerelease of sequence data will allow users to conduct blind tests of structure prediction and modeling techniques. It could also help prevent unintended duplication of effort in structure determination.

This feature was developed in response to requests made to the PDB.

The expedited availability of sequence information is part of PDB's efforts to enable all areas of science. Questions regarding this new feature can be sent to