Molecular Interactive Collaborative Environment (MICE) Now Available from the PDB Web Site

The PDB is pleased to announce the availability of MICE on its Web site and mirrors. The MICE collaborative molecular viewer is now available from the View Structure page for each entry. MICE permits remote users to share a VRML-based view of a molecule via the Internet. This view is referred to as the "molecular scene." One user publishes the scene and any number of users subscribe to the scene. By mutual consent, usually via telephone, any participant can become the publisher.

At this time, MICE is supported as a signed applet on Windows machines. Further details can be obtained by visiting the MICE Web site at or by clicking on the help link accessible from the View Structure page.

Questions about this feature may be sent to

As an example of a simple three-dimensional scene, the image to the left shows a screenshot of a cAMP dependent protein kinase molecule (PDB ID: 2cpk), represented in VRML within a web browser. This structure can be manipulated and examined from any angle. The interactive view of a molecule provides an intuitive and natural way to examine the structure.

PDB ID: 2cpk

D. R. Knighton, J. Zheng, L. F. Ten Eyck, V. A. Ashford, N.-H. Xuong, S. S. Taylor, J. M. Sowadski (1991): Crystal structure of the catalytic subunit of cyclic adenosine monophosphate-dependent protein kinase. SCIENCE 253, p. 407.