Data Uniformity Project Web Page

Data Uniformity is the name given to the PDB's efforts to provide a consistent and standard data archive. Links and update notices about this project are archived at the Data Uniformity Project Web page at

The latest additions include links to the mmCIF-formatted files on the PDB beta FTP site and to the CIFTr translation software. The mmCIF data files are for approximately 1,000 protein-nucleic complexes determined by X-ray crystallographic experiments. These files include consistent nomenclature for polymer chains, ligands, ligand atoms, consistent representation of disorder, and self-consistent descriptions of sequence and coordinate data. These files have been placed on the beta site to obtain comments on their content and to give programmers a head start in developing code that uses the richer mmCIF data representation. The PDB will release mmCIF files for all released entries this coming summer.

The CIFTr software that is now available translates this richer mmCIF into a PDB formatted file, with several nomenclature options.

CIF Files: