New Query Features Available on the Beta Test Site

In the continued efforts to improve the capabilities of the PDB, the RCSB has released the following new features on the beta test site at

Exact and Partial Word Match

The SearchFields and SearchLite interfaces now support both partial and exact word match queries on the text search fields. The exact word match feature is available as an option that the user can select. Partial word searching functionality remains available as the default, since this is also an important capability for certain queries.

Keyword searches through the SearchLite interface as well as the "Text Search" form field on the SearchFields form fully support matching on word boundaries. For example, searches for the keyword "man" with the "exact word match" option checked will not match entries containing words like "human" or "manitose".

For all other textual queries, "exact word matches" are currently only implemented as follows: queries for "kinase" will not match values like "protein kinase" or "tyrosine kinase". This limitation will be removed in the near future to provide the same functionality as with keyword searches. In addition, keyword searches are now possible with arbitrary numbers of optionally nested parenthesis.

Title Record Results

Title records, when available, have been added to the search results on the Query Result Browser. The ability to sort results based on certain criteria has also been implemented, and users will be able to customize the output of these results in the future.

Title Record Search

The capability to search on structure titles has also been added. The title is based on information provided by the author which describes the structure in a brief sentence.

We appreciate any comments you may have on these features. Please send your feedback to