Message from the PDB

Happy new millennium! Our resolutions for the new year are to build upon the accomplishments of the year 2000. We will continue to develop our software tools for deposition, processing, query, and reporting. Progress with the Data Uniformity Project, which is described in the 2001 Database Issue of Nucleic Acids Research, will proceed. And we hope to continue to hear from our users in the coming year to let us know what new features you would like to see in the PDB resource.

With this newsletter, we will be mailing out printed copies. If you would like to receive a copy, please send your mailing address to

In this quarter, the PDB will have exhibit booths at the Biophysical Society's Annual Meeting (Boston, MA; February 17-21) and the Pittsburgh Conference (New Orleans, LA; March 4-9). Hope to see you there!


The RCSB PDB Team (left to right): Phoebe Fagan, Dorothy Kegler, Haiyan Cheng, John Westbrook, Zukang Feng, Phil Bourne, Gary Gilliland, Diane Hancock, T.N. Bhat, Brad Kroeger, David Padilla, Victoria Colflesh, Helge Weissig, Narmada Thanki, Gnanesh Patel, Bohdan Schneider, Helen M. Berman, Nita Deshpande, Wolfgang Bluhm, Kyle Burkhardt, Lisa Iype, Ward Fleri, Christine Zardecki, Tammy Battistuz