Data Deposition and Processing Summary

From January 27, 1999 - December 1, 1999, 1994 structures were deposited with the RCSB. On average, these structures are processed and returned to the author in less than ten days. The 458 structures inherited by the RCSB from the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) backlog have been processed, sent to the author, and are being released according to their release status. The 456 Layer 1 entries brought to Layer 2 status have been processed, sent to the author, and released into the PDB archive. Overall, approximately 25% of the current PDB archive has been processed by the RCSB PDB.

Preparations for another ADIT site have begun at the Institute for Protein Research in Osaka, Japan. Members from the PDB went to Osaka in September to set up the mirror equipment, and members from Osaka came to Rutgers University in December for ADIT training. This site will be available shortly.

ADIT's extension dictionaries are also being developed. With the BIOSYNC project, the PDB is developing an extension dictionary and input tool that enables ADIT to collect the data times required to describe synchotron facilities and beamlines. The revisions and extensions from the NMR task force are also being integrated into the NMR view of ADIT.