PDB at IUCr Meeting

XVIII International Union of Crystallography Congress and General Assembly

It was a wonderful experience for those of us in the RCSB to meet the PDB users who attended IUCr Congress and General Assembly in Glasgow, Scotland, this year.

Our PDB booth in the Exhibition Hall allowed us to meet those of you whom we have known by e-mail and structure only! In addition, this was a great opportunity to get all kinds of feedback from the community - we greatly appreciate your comments. It was also a pleasure to have an opportunity to distribute our CD-ROMs, as well as our PDB mugs and pencils.

Thanks to everyone who attended the PDB Users Meeting on August 7, 1999.

This meeting was a major highlight of our continuing conversations with the PDB user community. We look forward to discussing these issues further in the next few months at meetings and on the listserv, and towards the PDB developments that will result. Watch the PDB News section on the Web site for updates.

We hope to meet you all again at future conferences. RCSB Leadership Team
RCSB Leadership team left to right: Gary Gilliland (National Institute of Standards and Technology), John Westbrook (Rutgers University), Helen Berman (Rutgers University), Phil Bourne (San Diego Supercomputer Center), Phoebe Fagan (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Peter Arzberger (San Diego Supercomputer Center).