Data Deposition and Processing Update

Data deposited at the RCSB PDB is fully processed within a few days of deposition. The data is deposited via the following channels:

ADIT, the AutoDep Input Tool (

ADIT was developed by the RCSB to make structure deposition simple and easy. ADIT allows the user to check the format of coordinate and structure factor files and to perform a variety of validation tests on a structure prior to deposition in the database. These checks can be done without intervention by the database staff.

To deposit a structure, the user uploads the relevant coordinate and structure factor files, and then usiing ADIT, adds any additional information to the submission.

RCSB AutoDep

Deposition sessions that were started using the BNL AutoDep have been moved over to the RCSB site. These sessions (those with restart IDs similar to "BNL-XXXXXX") can be completed using the RCSB's copy of AutoDep at

EBI AutoDep

The EBI AutoDep will continue to be available at Structures deposited using the EBI AutoDep from June 15, 1999, onwards are processed by the EBI and, after consolidation with other recent depositions, are released in the PDB archive.