The PDB CD-ROM set for structures released through July 1, 1999, is now available. Distribution began at the IUCr meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, August 4-13, 1999.

The CD-ROMs contain the full release of PDB structure files, structure factor files, and some contributed software and resources. The structure of the directories will be that of earlier CD-ROMs. The CD-ROM set includes the 10,213 structures. Four CD-ROMs are required to contain these structures in compressed (gzip) format. To order a CD-ROM set, go to the RCSB CD-ROM information page at http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/cdrom.html. There is no charge for this CD-ROM set.

To assure easy use, the format and content of the CD-ROM set are the same as on previous issues. Minor exceptions are that separate structure deposition files are provided for X-ray and NMR, and all the software is consolidated in the public, external (/pub/xtrnl) directory. The structures and structure factors are in the same directories as in the past, organized by the two letter subdirectories as before. A documentation booklet will be shipped with the CD set to assist new users.

The RCSB plans to make changes to the CD-ROM for future releases and is asking the user community to comment on possible changes. Both print and electronic copies of a form laying out possible areas for change and requesting comments and suggestions are included with the CD-ROM.