Transition Update

Due to the advances made by the PDB project in data deposition and processing, and query and distribution, the RCSB will be taking over complete responsibility for the PDB starting July 1, 1999.

Data Deposition and Data Processing

The transition goals for data deposition and data processing have been met. Since January 27, 1999, data deposited at the PDB have been processed by the RCSB staff using the AutoDep Input Tool (ADIT). Virtually all of the structures received have been processed to completion, regardless of their release status. It does not matter if a structure is intended for immediate release or to be held until publication--structures are processed as they are deposited.

ADIT, the deposition tool developed by the RCSB, has successfully completed its beta test. ADIT is available for the deposition of all structures at or by clicking on the DEPOSIT link on the RCSB home page,


The responsibility for the distribution of the data has been successfully transferred to the RCSB. Since February 3, 1999, the RCSB has been distributing the PDB FTP archive. Both users and mirrors access the PDB data from the RCSB Web and FTP sites.

The FTP site will continue to be maintained in its current form at so that the mirrors of the BNL site will be able to maintain operation. In addition, an improved RCSB FTP file structure will be available at on May 3, 1999.

Traffic to the BNL Web site after June 30, 1999, will be redirected to the RCSB Web site.

New mirrors of the RCSB Web site will soon be established in Japan and the UK. Additional mirrors of the RCSB PDB Web and FTP sites will be added in the future.

The 1999 Third Quarter PDB CD-ROM will be produced by the RCSB.


Phase I of the Web query interface (SearchLite) has been providing convenient search and analysis capabilities for one or more structures.

Phase II developments in the RCSB’s query capability include a user interface for commonly used structure selection criteria and the ability to search the status of structures deposited with the PDB. These Phase II developments will be available from May 15, 1999, and are described in an article in this newsletter.

Phase III, which will incorporate even more advanced query options, will appear in the coming months.