PDB E-mail Discussion Group

As of February 3, 1998, the PDB e-mail discussion group (the PDB listserver) will be maintained by the RCSB PDB staff. The purpose of this discussion group is to facilitate open discussion of topics related to macromolecular structure. These topics are not necessarily limited to the PDB. For example, problems in structure analysis, job ads, and requests for information relating to protein structure are legitimate postings. Personal messages, abuse, and messages of unrelated commercial nature are not acceptable.

At this time, all messages should be posted to the RCSB listserver and postings to the BNL listserver should cease -- i.e. people should discontinue using the BNL PDB list and listserver addresses. To ensure uninterrupted service, a grace period of two months is being provided in which any messages that are inadvertantly posted to the BNL PDB listserver will be transfered to the RCSB PDB listserver. The complete mailing list archive will be maintained by the RCSB at http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/lists/pdb-l archive.

Current subscribers to the BNL PDB listserver will be automatically transferred to the RCSB PDB listserver, and instructions on posting to the new listserver will be provided by e-mail. New users may subscribe by sending the command

subscribe pdb-l

in the body of an e-mail message to majordomo@rcsb.org. Instructions on mailing to the list will then be returned by e-mail. Any user who wishes to be removed from the listserver should send the message

unsubscribe pdb-l

to majordomo@rcsb.org.


The current RCSB operating policy for the discussion group is that it will not be moderated but only subscribers can to post to it. The purpose of this policy is to permit uncensored access to the group while avoiding external junk mail. Our mechanism for checking that a sender is subscribed is to check the complete e-mail address against the subscription list. This mechanism means that senders must be sure that the address from which they are posting is the same as the one from which they subscribed. In cases where persistant delivery problems are detected, the RCSB reserves the right to remove addresses from the list.