Other Educational Servers

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (BAMBED)
    A publication promoting quality education in biochemistry and molecular biology, and related fields; includes articles on teaching techniques and practices, methods of assessment of educational approaches, research in education, reviews, and details of laboratory experiments
    Audience: Undergraduate/graduate educators
  • Basics of NMR
    An introduction to the nuclear magnetic resonance experimental method
    by Joseph P. Hornak, Ph.D.
    Audience: Undergraduate
  • Biochemistry
    Review of key concepts from the Biochemistry (5th edition) textbook through interactive exercises, animated 3D tutorials, online quizzes and other learning tools
    by Stryer Biochemistry and Molvisions
    Audience: Undergraduate students and educators
  • BioEditor
    A tool for creating and viewing dynamic, formatted structure annotations
    by Peng Yang, Paul A. Craig, Philip E. Bourne, David Goodsell
    Audience: Undergraduate/graduate student, educator, and researcher
  • Bioinformatics: A Tutorial for Beginners
    An introduction to the field and tools used in bioinformatics, using human opsins as a case study
    by Gale Rhodes
    Audience: Undergraduate educator, student, researcher
  • Biology Student Workbench
    An introduction to the use of the database search and analysis tools of the Biology Workbench for learning and teaching biology at all levels; includes enganging activities and curricular materials
    by the NCSA Molecular Biology Application Technologies Team, the NCSA Education, Outreach, and Training Division, and EOT PACI partners
    Audience: K-12, undergraduate/graduate student, educator, researcher, and the general public
  • BioMoleculesAlive.org
    A searchable collection of peer-reviewed digital resources, including high quality instructional materials and learning objects--software, visual resources, curricular resources, article and reviews
    by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)
    Audience: Educator (undergraduate, graduate, medical school)
  • BiosciEdNet
    A portal to the digital library of the biological sciences for biology teaching
    by the BEN Collaborative and the American Association for the Advancement of Science
    Audience: Educator (undergraduate, graduate, medical school)
  • Crystallographic Teaching Pamphlets
    Series of short lessons in crystallography for educators
    by the Commission on Crystallographic Teaching
    Audience: Educator (undergraduate, graduate, professional school)
  • Crystallography 101
    An introductory course
    by Bernhard Rupp
    Audience: Undergraduate/graduate student, educator, and researcher
  • Curiosity Creates Cures: The Value and Impact of Basic Research
    Explains the economic payoffs of untargeted research and its role in the development of new medicines, technologies, and scientific tools. It also emphasizes the importance of scientific collaboration; model organisms, including animals, in research; and lists recent Nobel laureates in basic sciences. This document is available in HTML and PDF formats.
  • DRuMS color scheme preview
    A set of seven standardized, intuitive color schemes applicable to macromolecular structures and designed for online use
    by U. Mass. Molecular Visualization Group and Molvisions
    Audience: Undergraduate/graduate student, educator, and researcher
  • Envision, Explore, Engage
    A series of FREE interactive learning tools, including a PDB tutorial on the Molecular Science CD-ROM, and the SHAPES 3-D geometry program
    by San Diego Supercomputer Center and NPACI
    Audience: K-12 student and educator
  • Folding@Home
    A distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases.
    by Vijay Pande and Stanford University
    Audience: Undergraduate student and educator
  • From Protein Structure to Biological Function and Evolution
    Video of lecture presented to the Biophysical Society; requires Real Player or Windows Media Player
    by Janet Thornton, European Bioinformatics Institute
    Audience: Graduate, Researcher
  • Guide to Structure Prediction (version 2.1)
    A general approach to predicting protein 3D structure
    by Rob Russell and EMBL
    Audience: Undergraduate/graduate student, educator, and researcher
  • Interactive Structure Factor Tutorial
    Applet that facilitates learning about structure factors, phases, symmetry, and the relationship between the structure factors and the electron density map
    by Kevin Cowtan
    Audience: Undergraduate students and educators