HTTP and HTTPS Services

PDB entry files, chemical component files, and other data files are available for Display and/or Download via http and https. These URLs are useful with scripted downloads using utilities such as wget.

Options are available to "display" data in a web browser and to allow the web browser to perform a background "download" of the data without showing the data in a web browser and requiring a "save page as" action.


View: The HTTP/HTTPS response headers to the client are set with "Content-Type: text/plain".
Download: The HTTP/HTTPS response headers to the client are set with "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" and "Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary".


URLs for File Types


PDB Entry Files

PDB entry files are available in several file formats (PDB, PDBx/mmCIF, XML), compressed or uncompressed, and with an option to download a file containing only "header" information (e.g., summary data, no coordinates).

File format Action Storage Compression Example URL
PDB Download Compressed
PDB Download Uncompressed
PDB View Uncompressed
PDB (header only) View Uncompressed
PDBx/mmCIF Download Compressed
PDBx/mmCIF Download Uncompressed
PDBx/mmCIF View Uncompressed
PDBx/mmCIF (header only) View Uncompressed
XML Download Compressed
XML Download Uncompressed
XML (header only) Download Compressed
XML (header only) Download Uncompressed
XML (header only) View Uncompressed


Small Molecule Files

Small molecule files, including the ligands/chemical components maintained in the Chemical Component Dictionary and the Biologically Interesting Molecule Reference Dictionary (BIRD) are available in multiple formats.

Type Format Action Example URL
Definition CIF Download
Definition XML Download
Model coordinates SDF Download
Model coordinates PDB Download
Ideal coordinates SDF Download
Ideal coordinates PDB Download
Definition CIF View
Definition XML View
Model coordinates SDF View
Model coordinates PDB View
Ideal coordinates SDF View
Ideal coordinates PDB View
BIRD definition CIF Download
BIRD atom representation CIF Download
BIRD definition CIF View
BIRD atom representation CIF View


Experimental Data

Experimental data files include structure factors, NMR constraints, and chemical shifts.

File format Action Storage Compression Example URL
NMR Restraints Download Compressed
NMR Restraints Download Uncompressed
NMR Restraints View Uncompressed
NMR Restraints v2 Download Compressed
NMR Restraints v2 Download Uncompressed
NMR Restraints v2 View Uncompressed
Chemical Shifts Download Compressed
Chemical Shifts Download Uncompressed
Chemical Shifts View Uncompressed
Structure Factors Download Compressed
Structure Factors Download Uncompressed
Structure Factors View Uncompressed


Secondary Structure Files

A FASTA-formatted file ("ss.txt") with sequences and secondary structure information generated using DSSP is available: (compressed)

A separate file, ss_dis.txt, includes notation of regions which have not been experimentally observed, in addition to the secondary structure: (compressed)



The "Structure integration with function, taxonomy and sequence (SIFTS) initiative" provides residue-level annotation from the IntEnz, GO, Pfam, InterPro, SCOP, CATH and PubMed resources. SIFTS files are available for download from the RCSB PDB website using the following syntax: