RNA polymerase sigma factor - Q0P6M2 (Q0P6M2_ECOLX)


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  • Number of PDB entries for Q0P6M2: 1
Other Gene names: rpoE BC97_0216040 BC99_0300545 BN1008_4328 BN17_18601 BU34_22545 BU65_01430 BU66_01490 BU67_03840 BU68_01125 BU69_10490 BU70_20950 CF57_07525 CF58_21975 CF59_21950 CF60_21615 CF61_08210 DA88_11690 DC22_19415 DC24_14495 DH22_1167 DO98_12640 DP79_24870 ECHMS174_02588 ECONIH1_14995 ECRV308_02582 ECs3439 EH61_21265 EH62_07935 EH63_21810 EH64_22950 EH65_12725 EH66_05500 EL75_1074 EL77_1110 EL78_1101 EL79_1085 EL80_1087 EP08_03925 GR02_04460 GR03_08395 GR04_23160 GR05_01900 GR06_00090 GR07_02125 GS37_14585 GS38_22950 GS39_23570 GS40_18725 GY32_07400 HUS2011_3099 HW42_17610 HW43_17270 JD73_17235 JO86_03950 JO87_06310 JO88_03700 JO89_15200 JO90_08345 JQ56_00195 JQ57_05320 JQ58_15700 JQ59_11030 KV39_04790 LF82_1962 LJ08_2396 LS39_03900 LS40_03000 LS41_12890 LS42_07290 LS89_02835 LS90_02815 PGD_00662 PU03_05880 PU06_05530 PU08_00755 PU10_07005 PU11_10955 PU12_11560 PU14_05295 PU15_00545 PU16_02765 PU18_16290 PU19_16455 PU20_07985 PU22_07075 PU24_17915 PU26_21535 PU27_09420 PU31_01295 PU32_03050 PU33_05105 PU34_08175 PU35_15560 PU36_20800 PU40_01520 PU43_04990 PU44_00095 PU46_02070 PU47_12295 PU48_01695 PU49_04170 PU50_00955 PU51_01940 PU52_18175 PU54_11305 PU55_17000 PU56_02795 PU57_16465 PU58_01445 PU59_11720 PU60_05115 PU61_07605 PU62_09120 PU67_05100 PU68_23115 PU69_17775 PU71_24440 PU72_00095 PU73_21575 PU74_12915 PU75_09670 PU76_07405 PU77_15730 RR31_13730 RT53_12740
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Data origin/color codes
The vertical color bar on the left side indicates data provenance.
Data in green originates from UniProtKB  
Data in yellow originates from Pfam  , by interacting with the HMMER3 web site  
Data in purple originates from Phosphosite  .
Data in orange originates from the SCOP   (version 1.75) and SCOPe   (version 2.04) classifications.
Data in grey has been calculated using BioJava  . Protein disorder predictions are based on JRONN (Troshin, P. and Barton, G. J. unpublished), a Java implementation of RONN  
  • Red: potentially disorderd region
  • Blue: probably ordered region.
Hydropathy has been calculated using a sliding window of 15 residues and summing up scores from standard hydrophobicity tables.
  • Red: hydrophobic
  • Blue: hydrophilic.
Data in lilac represent the genomic exon structure projected onto the UniProt sequence.
Data in blue originates from PDB
  • Secstruc: Secondary structure projected from representative PDB entries onto the UniProt sequence.
Data in red indicates combined ranges of Homology Models from SBKB   and the Protein Model Portal  
The PDB to UniProt mapping is based on the data provided by the EBI SIFTS project. See also Velankar et al., Nucleic Acids Research 33, D262-265 (2005).
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