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What is a MyPDB Account?

MyPDB lets users create a personalized version of the RCSB PDB that is accessible from any computer.

The starting point is the MyPDB widget in the left-hand menu. Users can create accounts, or log in to access the MyPDB stored setting and functionalities.

  • The MyPDB Saved Query Manager stores any type of RCSB PDB structure search, such as keyword, sequence, ligand, and any composite query built with Advanced Search. These queries can be run at any time with the click of a button.

    Stored searches can also be set to run with each update. Email alerts (weekly or monthly) will be sent when new PDB entries matching the search are released.

  • Personal Annotations. Users can save personal annotations and notes on the Structure Summary tab of any PDB entry, and can add structures to a "favorites list". The Personal Annotations summary page provides easy access to all of these tagged structures and annotations.

  • User Account. Personal information (name, email address, account password, country, user type) can be updated at any time. All MyPDB account information is kept private and secure.

  • Additional information is available.



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