URE is found in 65 entries

URE in polymers: 1 entries. Examples include: 4YV8,

URE as free ligands, exist in 64 entries. Examples include 1BV3, 1DDR, 1EP5

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Chemical Component Summary

Formula C H4 N2 O
Molecular Weight 60.06 g/mol
Type non-polymer
Isomeric SMILES NC(N)=O
InChI InChI=1S/CH4N2O/c2-1(3)4/h(H4,2,3,4)

Chemical Details

Formal Charge 0
Atom Count 8
Chiral Atom Count 0
Chiral Atoms
Bond Count 7
Aromatic Bond Count 0

Drug Info: DrugBank

DrugBank ID DB03904   (Stereoisomeric match)
Name Urea
Groups approved
Description A compound formed in the liver from ammonia produced by the deamination of amino acids. It is the principal end product of protein catabolism and constitutes about one half of the total urinary solids. [PubChem]
Brand Names
  • Aluvea
  • Calmurid Crm
  • Calmurid HC Crm
  • Carb-O-philic
  • Carbamex 330mgms
  • 10% hydrate skin
  • 15% accelerate fibrin degradation
  • 20-30% are antipruritic, break down keratin, decrease the thickness of the stratum corneum and are used in scaling conditions such as ichthysosis
  • 40% are proteolytic and may be used to dissolve and peel dystrophic nails

[Patient Self Care, 2010]
Pharmacology As a humectant, urea draws water into the striatum corneum.
Route of administration
  • Oral
  • Topical
Categories Organic Chemicals
CAS number 57-13-6
Drug Info/Drug Targets: DrugBank 3.0: a comprehensive resource for 'omics' research on drugs. Knox C, Law V, Jewison T, Liu P, Ly S, Frolkis A, Pon A, Banco K, Mak C, Neveu V, Djoumbou Y, Eisner R, Guo AC, Wishart DS. Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Jan; 39 (Database issue):D1035-41. | PMID: 21059682