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Complex structure of C-terminal CFTR peptide and extended PDZ1 domain from NHERF1

Structural Similarities for the Entities in PDB 2M0U

The following structural similarities have been found using the jFATCAT-rigid algorithm [1,2]. To reduce the number of hits, a 40% sequence identity clustering has been applied and a representative chain taken from each cluster. If the representative chain consists of multiple domains, each domain is included in the search. If available, the SCOP 1.75 domain assignment [3] is used. Otherwise algorithmic domain assignments are computed using the ProteinDomainParser [4].

Entity #1: Chains: A
Description: Na(+)/H(+) exchange regulatory cofactor NHE-RF1 protein
Length: 117
No structure alignment results are available for 2M0U.A explicitly.

It is represented by chain 2M0T.A which is 100% sequence identical.

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To see how chain 2M0U.A compares with the representative chain PDP:2M0TAa select a method below:

Entity #2: Chains: B
Description: C-terminal CFTR peptide protein
Length: 5

This entity is too short to be considered for the all vs. all structure alignments.


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    Feb 24 2015

    Cluster data are up-to-date as of:
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    • Rank: current row position. Changes with different sorting orders and filter rules
    • Domain 2: Domain name of 2nd domain. Can be either a SCOP ID (d<PDB ID><Chain ID><Domain ID>), ProteinDomainParser ID (PDP:<PDB ID><Chain ID><Domain ID>)
    • Title: Protein chain description
    • P-value: P-value of this alignment (FATCAT) (default sorted by this)
    • Score: Raw alignment score (FATCAT)
    • RMSD: RMSD value of the alignment
    • Len1: Domain 1 length
    • Len2: Domain 2 length
    • %ID: % sequence identity in the alignment. A 40% sequence identity filter is applied before the structure alignments are calculated, so most results show low similarity. If the sequences are of vastly different lengths, the clustering procedure will group them in different clusters, even if they share a region of high sequence similarity.
    • %Cov1: The coverage, or %, of aligned residues in chain 1
    • %Cov2: The coverage, or %, of aligned residues in chain 2

    The table is sorting is by P-value by default. Clicking on the column header will change the sort order. Select the Filter Results lense img icon to apply other filtering criteria.

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