Structure of the histone mRNA hairpin required for cell cycle regulation of histone gene expression

Structural Similarities for the Entities in PDB 1KKS

The following structural similarities have been found using the jFATCAT-rigid algorithm [1,2].

To reduce the number of hits, a 40% sequence identity clustering has been applied and a representative chain taken from each cluster. If the representative chain consists of multiple domains, each domain is included in the search. If available, the SCOP 1.75 domain assignment [3] is used. Otherwise algorithmic domain assignments are computed using the ProteinDomainParser [4].

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Cluster data are up-to-date as of: Jan-10-2017

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Entity #1 | Chains A

Description: 5'-R(*GP*GP*AP*AP*GP*GP*CP*CP*CP*UP*UP*UP*UP*CP*AP*GP*GP*GP*CP*CP*AP*CP*CP*C)-3' rna | Length: 24

This entity is NOT a polypeptide entity and therefore cannot be considered for the all vs. all structure alignments.