Crystal structure of the complex formed by region of E. coli sigmaE bound to its -10 element non template strand
DOI:10.2210/pdb4lup/pdb   NDB ID: NA2631
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    Classification: Transcription/dna
    Structure Weight: 28808.97
    Molecule: RNA polymerase sigma factor
    Polymer: 1 Type: protein Length: 106
    Chains: A, C
    Fragment: UNP residues 3-92
    Organism: Escherichia coli
    Gene Names: rpoE BC97_0216040 BC99_0300545 BN1008_4328 BN17_18601 BU34_22545 BU65_01430 BU66_01490 BU67_03840 BU68_01125 BU69_10490 BU70_20950 CF57_07525 CF58_21975 CF59_21950 CF60_21615 CF61_08210 DA88_11690 DC22_19415 DC24_14495 DH22_1167 DO98_12640 DP79_24870 ECHMS174_02588 ECONIH1_14995 ECRV308_02582 ECs3439 EH61_21265 EH62_07935 EH63_21810 EH64_22950 EH65_12725 EH66_05500 EL75_1074 EL77_1110 EL78_1101 EL79_1085 EL80_1087 EP08_03925 GR02_04460 GR03_08395 GR04_23160 GR05_01900 GR06_00090 GR07_02125 GS37_14585 GS38_22950 GS39_23570 GS40_18725 GY32_07400 HUS2011_3099 HW42_17610 HW43_17270 JD73_17235 JO86_03950 JO87_06310 JO88_03700 JO89_15200 JO90_08345 JQ56_00195 JQ57_05320 JQ58_15700 JQ59_11030 KV39_04790 LF82_1962 LJ08_2396 LS39_03900 LS40_03000 LS41_12890 LS42_07290 LS89_02835 LS90_02815 PGD_00662 PU03_05880 PU06_05530 PU08_00755 PU10_07005 PU11_10955 PU12_11560 PU14_05295 PU15_00545 PU16_02765 PU18_16290 PU19_16455 PU20_07985 PU22_07075 PU24_17915 PU26_21535 PU27_09420 PU31_01295 PU32_03050 PU33_05105 PU34_08175 PU35_15560 PU36_20800 PU40_01520 PU43_04990 PU44_00095 PU46_02070 PU47_12295 PU48_01695 PU49_04170 PU50_00955 PU51_01940 PU52_18175 PU54_11305 PU55_17000 PU56_02795 PU57_16465 PU58_01445 PU59_11720 PU60_05115 PU61_07605 PU62_09120 PU67_05100 PU68_23115 PU69_17775 PU71_24440 PU72_00095 PU73_21575 PU74_12915 PU75_09670 PU76_07405 PU77_15730 RR31_13730 RT53_12740
    UniProtKB: Search PDB | Q0P6M2   Protein Feature View
    Molecule: region 2 of sigmaE of E. coli
    Polymer: 2 Type: dna Length: 7
    Chains: B, D
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    Polymer: 1
    Scientific Name: Escherichia coli   Taxonomy   Expression System: Escherichia coli  
    Polymer: 2
    Scientific Name: Synthetic construct   Taxonomy    
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    Identifier Details
    2MAO   Solution structure of the free form of E. coli region 2 of sigmaE 
    2MAP   Solution structure of the complex form by E. coli region 2 of sigmaE and its cognate -10 element non template strand 
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    EDO C2 H6 O2
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