Structure of Cowpox CPXV203 in complex with MHCI (H-2Kb)
Primary Citation
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    Classification: Immune System/viral Protein
    Structure Weight: 275989.38
    Molecule: H-2 class I histocompatibility antigen, K-B alpha chain
    Polymer: 1 Type: protein Length: 280
    Chains: A, E, I, M
    Fragment: extracellular domain (UNP residues 22-301)
    Organism: Mus musculus
    Gene Names: H2-K1 H2-K
    UniProtKB: Search PDB | P01901   Protein Feature View
    Molecule: Beta-2-microglobulin
    Polymer: 2 Type: protein Length: 100
    Chains: B, F, J, N
    Fragment: UNP residues 21-119
    Organism: Homo sapiens
    Gene Names: CDABP0092 HDCMA22P Gene View for B2M
    UniProtKB: Search PDB | P61769   Protein Feature View
    Molecule: Ovalbumin
    Polymer: 3 Type: protein Length: 8
    Chains: C, G, K, O
    Fragment: UNP residues 258-265
    Organism: Gallus gallus
    Gene Name: SERPINB14
    UniProtKB: Search PDB | P01012   Protein Feature View
    Molecule: CPXV203 protein
    Polymer: 4 Type: protein Length: 206
    Chains: D, H, L, P
    Fragment: UNP residues 17-221
    Organism: Cowpox virus (Brighton Red)
    Gene Name: CPXV203 CDS
    UniProtKB: Search PDB | Q8QMP2   Protein Feature View
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    Polymer: 1
    Scientific Name: Mus musculus   Taxonomy   Common Name: Mouse Expression System: Escherichia coli  
    Polymer: 2
    Scientific Name: Homo sapiens   Taxonomy   Common Name: Human Expression System: Escherichia coli  
    Polymer: 3
    Scientific Name: Synthetic construct (Gallus gallus)   Taxonomy    
    Polymer: 4
    Scientific Name: Cowpox virus   Taxonomy   Common Name: Cpv Expression System: Escherichia coli  
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    Identifier Formula Parent Type
    MSE C5 H11 N O2 Se MET lPeptideLinking
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