Solution Structure of Miz-1 zinc finger 7
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    Classification: Transcription
    Structure Weight: 3356.25
    Molecule: Zinc finger and BTB domain-containing protein 17
    Polymer: 1 Type: protein Length: 29
    Chains: A
    Fragment: C2H2-type 7 zinc finger residues 472-500
    Organism: Homo sapiens
    Gene Names: MIZ1 ZNF151 ZNF60 Gene View for ZBTB17
    UniProtKB: Search PDB | Q13105   Protein Feature View

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    Polymer: 1
    Scientific Name: Homo sapiens   Taxonomy   Common Name: Human Expression System: Escherichia coli  
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    Identifier Details
    2LVR   Miz-1 Zinc Finger domain 8 
    2LVT   Miz-1 Zinc Finger domain 9 
    2LVU   Miz-1 Zinc Finger domain 10 
    2M0D   Miz-1 Zinc Finger domain 5 
    2M0E   Miz-1 Zinc Finger domain 6 
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    ZN Zn
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