X-RAY DIFFRACTION Experimental Data & Validation

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Crystalization Experiments
Method Vapor Diffusion Sitting Drop
pH 6.4
Temperature 291.0
Details 2.4M Ammonium sulfate, 0.1M MES, pH 6.4, VAPOR DIFFUSION, SITTING DROP, temperature 291K

Crystal Data

Unit Cell
Length (Å) Angle (°)
a = 180 α = 90
b = 180 β = 90
c = 196.9 γ = 90
Space Group I 4 2 2


Diffraction Experiment
ID # Data Collection Temperature
1 93
Diffraction Detector
Detector Diffraction Type Details Collection Date
CCD MARMOSAIC 225 mm CCD Double crystal Si(111) Sagittal focusing; vertical focusing mirror. 2008-07-31
Diffraction Radiation
Monochromator Protocol
Double crystal monochromator SINGLE WAVELENGTH
Diffraction Detector Source
Source Type Wavelength List Synchrotron Site Beamline

Data Collection

Resolution (High) Resolution (Low) Percent Possible (Observed) R Merge I (Observed) R Sym I (Observed) Net I Over Average Sigma (I) Redundancy Number Reflections (All) Number Reflections (Observed) Observed Criterion Sigma (F) Observed Criterion Sigma (I) B (Isotropic) From Wilson Plot
2.5 35.31 97.5 0.115 -- -- 7.48 55891 54508 0.0 0.0 --
High Resolution Shell
Resolution (High) Resolution (Low) Percent Possible (All) R Merge I (Observed) R-Sym I (Observed) Mean I Over Sigma (Observed) Redundancy Number Unique Reflections (All)
2.5 2.59 96.7 0.561 -- 1.4 6.76 5324


Structure Solution Method Refinement High Resolution Refinement Low Resolution Cut-off Sigma (I) Cut-off Sigma (F) Number of Reflections (All) Number of Reflections (Observed) Number of Reflections (R-Free) Percent Reflections (Observed) R-Factor (All) R-Factor (Observed) R-Work R-Free R-Free Selection Details
MOLECULAR REPLACEMENT 2.5 35.3 -- 0.0 55891 52714 2687 94.37 0.216 0.216 0.214 0.256 RANDOM
High Resolution Shell
Refinement method Shell Resolution (High) Shell Resolution (Low) # of Reflections (Observed) # of Reflections (R-Free) # of Reflections (R-Work) R-Factor (R-Work) R-Factor (R-Free) R-Factor (R-Free Error) Percent Reflections (Observed)
X Ray Diffraction 2.5 2.55 2440 131 -- 0.411 0.416 -- 88.4
Temperature Factor Modeling
Temperature Factor Value
Mean Isotropic B 64.9
Anisotropic B[1][1] -10.9299
Anisotropic B[1][2] 0.0
Anisotropic B[1][3] 0.0
Anisotropic B[2][2] -10.9299
Anisotropic B[2][3] 0.0
Anisotropic B[3][3] 21.8598
RMS Deviations
Key Refinement Restraint Deviation
f_plane_restr 0.006
f_chiral_restr 0.075
f_dihedral_angle_d 16.958
f_angle_d 1.281
f_bond_d 0.01
Coordinate Error
Parameter Value
Luzzati ESD (Observed) 0.29
Number of Non-Hydrogen Atoms Used in Refinement
Non-Hydrogen Atoms Numbers
Protein Atoms 7074
Nucleic Acid Atoms 0
Heterogen Atoms 177
Solvent Atoms 417


Computing Package Purpose
SERGUI Data Collection
d*TREK Data Reduction (intensity integration)
d*TREK Data Reduction (data scaling)
PHASER Structure Solution
PHENIX (phenix.refine) Structure Refinement
Software Name Purpose
PHENIX version: (phenix.refine) refinement
PHASER model building
SERGUI data collection