EM Sample
Sample Concentration (mg/ml) 0.5
Sample pH 7.0
Sample Support Details holey carbon grid
Sample Vitrification Details Blot for 2-5 seconds before plunging into liquid ethane (Gatan cryoplunger)
Sample Aggregation State 2D CRYSTAL
Name of Sample YiiP from Shewanella oneidensis in DOPG lipids
EM Data Acquisition
Date of Experiment 2009-02-10
Num of Micrographs-Images Used 19
Temperature (Kelvin) 100.0
Microscope Model FEI TECNAI F20
Detector Type film
Minimum Defocus (nm) 1600.0
Maximum Defocus (nm) 3000.0
Minimum Tilt Angle (degrees) --
Maximum Tilt Angle (degrees) --
Nominal CS 2.1
Electron Dose (electrons nm**-2) 10.0
Illumination Mode FLOODBEAM
Nominal Magnification 50000
Calibrated Magnification 51190
Source FEG
Acceleration Voltage (kV) 200
Imaging Details --
3D Reconstruction
Software Package(s) EMIP, SPARX
Reconstruction Method IHRSR
EM Image Reconstruction Statistics
Actual Pixel Size 2.735
Effective Resolution 13.0
CTF Correction Method Corrected throughout the reconstruction cycle
Other Details CRYSTAL CELL PARAMETERS WERE A=57.5, B=34.0, C=100.0, ALPHA=90, BETA=90, GAMMA=85.3.
EM Map-Model Fitting and Refinement
Refinement Space Refinement Protocol Refinement Target Overall B Value Fitting Procedure Fitting Software
REAL -- -- -- MDFF --