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    3D Reconstruction
    Software Package(s) EMAN1.9, Spider
    Reconstruction Method Projection matching and Fourier reconstruction
    EM Map-Model Fitting & Refinement
    Refinement Space REAL
    Refinement Protocol Manual building of NTA domain
    Refinement Space REAL
    Refinement Protocol symmetry restrained molecular dynamics flexible fitting
    Refinement Space REAL
    Refinement Protocol symmetry restrained molecular dynamics flexible fitting
    EM Image Reconstruction Statistics
    Number of Particles 26000
    Nominal Pixel Size 0.933
    Actual Pixel Size 0.933
    Effective Resolution 6.5
    CTF Correction Method CTF correction of each whole micrograph
    EM Reconstruction Magnification Callibration cross gating and interpolation
    Other Details The final map was sharpened to 4.5 Angstrom with B factor -300 and then filtered to 5.0 Angstrom (details about the particle: the particles were selected using an automatic selection program FindEM).
    Electron Microscope Sample
    Sample pH 7.0
    Sample Support Details 200 mesh copper grid with holey array carbon support (GiG), glow discharged
    Sample Vitrification Details Blot for 3 seconds before plunging into liquid ethane.
    Sample Aggregation State PARTICLE
    Name of Sample Wild Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (strain HYD)
    Data Acquisition
    Date of Experiment 22-JAN-2011
    Temperature (Kelvin) 85.0
    Microscope Model FEI TITAN KRIOS
    Detector Type Gatan UltraScan4000
    Minimum Defocus (NM) 1500.0
    Maximum Defocus (NM) 2500.0
    Minimum Tilt Angle (degrees) 0.0
    Maximum Tilt Angle (degrees) 0.0
    Nominal CS 2.7
    Imaging Mode BRIGHT FIELD
    Electron Dose (electrons nm**-2) 2000.0
    Illumination Mode FLOOD BEAM
    Nominal Magnification 96000
    Calibrated Magnification 160770
    Acceleration Voltage (KV) 300
    COM ID 1
    Name Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus
    Type VIRUS
    Virus Particulars
    COM ID 1
    Virus Host Category VERTEBRATES
    Virus Host Species Oryctolagus cuniculus
    Virus Type VERTEBRATES
    Virus Isolate STRAIN