EM Sample
Sample pH 7.4
Sample Support Details 200 mesh copper grid coated with formvar before picking 50nm thin section, then both side coated 5-10 nm thin carbon, imaging at room temperature
Sample Vitrification Details high pressure frozen and freezing substituted with 1% OsO4/0.1% Ur-Ac. in acetone, LX-112 resin embeded sample. 50nm thin section
Sample Buffer buf1
Sample Aggregation State TISSUE
Name of Sample SKIN
Sample Details ultra thin section of high pressure frozen/freeze-substitution prepared new-born mice skin sample. freezing substitution with 1% OsO4 and 0.1% Ur-Ac in acetone
EM Data Acquisition
Date of Experiment 2002-11-23
Num of Micrographs-Images Used --
Temperature (Kelvin) 295.0
Microscope Model FEI/PHILIPS CM200FEG
Detector Type GATAN 794
Minimum Defocus (nm) 300.0
Maximum Defocus (nm) 500.0
Minimum Tilt Angle (degrees) -78.0
Maximum Tilt Angle (degrees) 79.0
Nominal CS 2.0
Electron Dose (electrons nm**-2) 120000.0
Illumination Mode FLOOD BEAM
Nominal Magnification 50000
Calibrated Magnification 68276
Acceleration Voltage (kV) 200
Imaging Details Dose is for whole dataset, not individual images
3D Reconstruction
Software Package(s)
Reconstruction Method +/- 75 degree dual-axis electron tomography with IMOD
EM Image Reconstruction Statistics
Actual Pixel Size 7.266
Effective Resolution 30.0
CTF Correction Method no CTF correction. Imaging at underfocus 0.4 micron with CM200FEG microscope at 50,000 magnification
EM Reconstruction Magnification Callibration CCD pixel size calibrated with gold crystal and silicon crystal
Other Details sectioned sample thickness 47.2 nm, +/- 75 degree dual-axis tilt-series with increment 1 degree;dual-axis electron tomography with IMOD. 1.169nm alignment error
EM Map-Model Fitting and Refinement
Refinement Space Refinement Protocol Refinement Target Overall B Value Fitting Procedure Fitting Software
REAL rigid body best visual fit using the program AmiraMOL 3.0 -- tracking 3D density Amira and AmiraMOL 3.0