SOLUTION NMR Experimental Data

Experimental Details
Sample Conditions
Sample Contents0.85 mM Focal Adhesion Targeting Domain U-15N,13C, 25 mM Tris-Maleate, 0.1 % NaN3, 1.0 uM PPACK, 0.5 mg/mL Pefabloc 90% H2O, 10% D2O
Solvent90% H2O/10% D2O
Ionic Strength150 mM NaCl
Temperature (K)310
Experiment(s):3D_13C-separated_NOESY, 3D_15N-separated_NOESY
Spectrometer Information
Manufacturer Model Field Strength
Varian INOVA 800.0
Varian INOVA 600.0
NMR Refinement
Method distance geometry simulated annealing
Details 3049 total restraints: 1627 unambiguous NOE-derived distance constraints, 1078 ambiguous NOE-derived distance constraints, 83 dihedral angle restraints, 97 distance restraints from hydrogen bonds, 164 residual dipolar coupling restraints
NMR Ensemble Information
Conformer Selection Criteria structures with acceptable covalent geometry,structures with the lowest energy
Conformers Calculated Total Number 25
Conformers Submitted Total Number 20
Representative Model Choice Rationale
1 lowest energy
Additional NMR Experimental Information
1 PDB entry 1K40 was used as a starting template for structure calculations. The structure was determined using triple-resonance NMR spectroscopy.
Computation: NMR Software
# Classification Software Name Author
1 processing version: 1.0 NMRPipe Delaglio, F., Grzesiek, S., Vuister., G., Zhu, G., Pfeifer, J., Bax, A.
2 data analysis version: 5.0.4 NMRView Johnson, B., Blevins, R.A.
3 structure solution version: 1.1 CNS Brunger, A.T.,Adams, P.D., Clore, G.M., DeLano, W.L., Gros, P., Grosse-Kunstleve. R.W., Jiang, J.S., Kuszewski, J., Nilges, M.,Pannu, N.S., Read, R.J., Rice, L.M., Simonson, T., Warren, G.L.
4 structure solution version: 1.2 Aria Nilges, M.
5 refinement version: 1.2 Aria Nilges, M.