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Materials and Methods page
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    3D Reconstruction
    Reconstruction Method model based projection matching
    EM Map-Model Fitting & Refinement
    Refinement Space REAL
    Refinement Protocol Laplacian-filtered real space
    Refinement Target Correlation coefficient maximum
    EM Image Reconstruction Statistics
    Number of Particles 945
    Nominal Pixel Size 3.11
    Actual Pixel Size 2.98
    Effective Resolution 12.0
    CTF Correction Method CTF correction of each particle using Wiener filtering
    EM Reconstruction Magnification Callibration TMV images
    Other Details a modified version of program SPIDER was used for the reconstruction
    Electron Microscope Sample
    Sample Concentration (mg/ml) 5.0
    Sample pH 7.0
    Sample Support Details holey carbon
    Sample Vitrification Details ethane vitrification
    Sample Aggregation State PARTICLE
    Name of Sample T4 18-,23-
    Sample Details Double amber mutants of bacteriophage T4 producing baseplate and tail tube assembly only
    Data Acquisition
    Date of Experiment 2001-01-30
    Temperature (Kelvin) 70.0
    Microscope Model FEI/PHILIPS CM300FEG/T
    Detector Type KODAK SO163 FILM
    Minimum Defocus (NM) 1200.0
    Maximum Defocus (NM) 5000.0
    Minimum Tilt Angle (degrees) 0.0
    Maximum Tilt Angle (degrees) 0.0
    Nominal CS 2.0
    Imaging Mode BRIGHT FIELD
    Electron Dose (electrons nm**-2) 25.0
    Illumination Mode FLOOD BEAM
    Nominal Magnification 45000
    Calibrated Magnification 47000
    Acceleration Voltage (KV) 300
    COM ID 1
    Name gp11
    Other Details trimer