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Materials and Methods page
  •   Crystallization Hide
    Crystallization Experiments
    Method vapor diffusion
    pH 4.6
    Temperature 298.0
    Details PEG 1000, CaCl2, pH 4.6, vapor diffusion, temperature 298.K
  •   Crystal Data Hide
    Unit Cell
    Length    (Å) Angle    (°)
    a = 44.66 α = 66.59
    b = 73.75 β = 74.74
    c = 83.78 γ = 85.44
    Space Group
    Space Group Name:    P 1
  •   Diffraction Hide
    Diffraction Experiment
    Diffrn ID 1
    Data Collection Temperature 100
    Diffraction Detector
    Detector image plate
    Details confocal mirrors
    Collection Date 2002-02-10
    Diffraction Radiation
    Monochromator osmic mirrors
    Diffraction Protocol SINGLE WAVELENGTH
    Diffraction Source
    Source rotating anode
    Type RIGAKU
    Wavelength List 1.5418
  •   Refinement Data Hide
    Reflection Details
    Resolution(Low) 2
    Number Reflections(Observed) 60488
    Percent Possible(Observed) 95.0
    R Merge I(Observed) 0.013
    High Resolution Shell Details
    Resolution(High) 2.0
    Resolution(Low) 2.07
    R Merge I(Observed) 0.036
  •   Refinement Hide
    Refinement Statistics
    Structure Solution Method molecular replacement
    reflnsShellList 2.0
    Resolution(Low) 20.0
    Cut-off Sigma(F) 2.0
    Number of Reflections(Observed) 60226
    Number of Reflections(R-Free) 6099
    R-Work 0.204
    R-Free 0.242
    R-Free Selection Details random
    Temperature Factor Modeling
    Data Not Available
    Coordinate Error
    Luzzati ESD(Observed) 0.25
    Luzzati Sigma A(Observed) 0.21
    Luzzati Resolution Cutoff(Low) 5.0
    Luzzati ESD(R-Free Set) 0.3
    Luzzati Sigma A(R-Free Set) 0.31
    Number of Non-Hydrogen Atoms Used in Refinement
    Protein Atoms 8463
    Nucleic Acid Atoms 0
    Heterogen Atoms 0
    Solvent Atoms 887
  •   Software and Computing Hide
    Data Reduction (intensity integration) CRYSTALCLEAR (MSC/RIGAKU)
    Data Reduction (data scaling) CRYSTALCLEAR (MSC/RIGAKU)
    Structure Solution CNS
    Structure Refinement CNS
    refinement CNS
    model building CNS
    data reduction CrystalClear
    data collection CrystalClear