SOLUTION NMR Experimental Data

Experimental Details
Sample Conditions
Sample Contentsnatural abundance synthetic peptide 5 mM peptide and 50 mM dihexanoyl phosphatidylglycerol
Solvent90% H2O and 10% D2O
Ionic Strengthno buffer
Temperature (K)298
Experiment(s):2D NOESY, TOCSY, DQF-COSY
Spectrometer Information
Manufacturer Model Field Strength
Varian INOVA 600.0
NMR Refinement
Method simulated annealing
Details The structures are based on 146 distances derived from the NOESY spectra. No dihedral angles or hydrogen-bond restraints were applied.
NMR Ensemble Information
Conformer Selection Criteria No NOE violations greater than 0.20 A; rms difference for bond deviations from ideality less than 0.01 A; rms difference for angle deviations from ideality less than 2 degrees; Structures with the lowerest energies in the ensemble; Structures most resemble the average structure.
Conformers Calculated Total Number 100
Conformers Submitted Total Number 20
Representative Model Choice Rationale
1 most resemble the average structure.
Additional NMR Experimental Information
1 This structure was determined using standard 2D homonuclear NMR techniques.
Computation: NMR Software
# Classification Software Name Author
1 data processing version: 2.1 NMRPipe/nmrDraw Delaglio, F.
2 noe picking version: 1.0 PIPP Garrett, D.
3 structural calculations version: 1.06 XPLOR-NIH Schwieters, C.D., Kuszewski, J., Tjandra, N, Clore, G.M.
4 structural analysis and viewing version: 2K.1 MOLMOL Koradi, R.