X-RAY DIFFRACTION Experimental Data & Validation

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Crystalization Experiments
Method Vapor Diffusion Sitting Drop
pH 8.5
Temperature 297.0
Details Peg 4000, Tris, magnesium chloride, pH 8.5, VAPOR DIFFUSION, SITTING DROP, temperature 297K

Crystal Data

Unit Cell
Length (Å) Angle (°)
a = 58.57 α = 90
b = 78.27 β = 90
c = 136.79 γ = 90
Space Group C 2 2 21


Diffraction Experiment
ID # Data Collection Temperature
1 100
Diffraction Detector
Detector Diffraction Type Details Collection Date
CCD ADSC QUANTUM 315 Flat mirror (vertical focusing) 2001-04-20
Diffraction Radiation
Monochromator Protocol
single crystal Si(111) bent monochromator (horizontal focusing) SINGLE WAVELENGTH
double crystal monochromator MAD
Diffraction Detector Source
Source Type Wavelength List Synchrotron Site Beamline
SYNCHROTRON SSRL BEAMLINE BL9-2 1.7373, 1.3776, 1.7415 SSRL BL9-2

Data Collection

Resolution (High) Resolution (Low) Percent Possible (Observed) R Merge I (Observed) R Sym I (Observed) Net I Over Average Sigma (I) Redundancy Number Reflections (All) Number Reflections (Observed) Observed Criterion Sigma (F) Observed Criterion Sigma (I) B (Isotropic) From Wilson Plot
1.3 24 98.8 -- -- -- 4.2 -- 74518 1.4 1.7 --
High Resolution Shell
Resolution (High) Resolution (Low) Percent Possible (All) R Merge I (Observed) R-Sym I (Observed) Mean I Over Sigma (Observed) Redundancy Number Unique Reflections (All)
1.31 1.37 90.4 -- -- -- -- --


Structure Solution Method Refinement High Resolution Refinement Low Resolution Cut-off Sigma (I) Cut-off Sigma (F) Number of Reflections (All) Number of Reflections (Observed) Number of Reflections (R-Free) Percent Reflections (Observed) R-Factor (All) R-Factor (Observed) R-Work R-Free R-Free Selection Details
MAD 1.31 24.0 -- 0.0 74518 74518 3722 93.4 0.1592 0.1592 0.1576 0.2125 RANDOM
RMS Deviations
Key Refinement Restraint Deviation
s_bond_d 0.011
s_angle_d 0.03
Coordinate Error
Parameter Value
Number Disordered Residues 0.0
Occupancy Sum Hydrogen 2301.0
Occupancy Sum Non Hydrogen 2668.5
Number of Non-Hydrogen Atoms Used in Refinement
Non-Hydrogen Atoms Numbers
Protein Atoms 2310
Nucleic Acid Atoms 0
Heterogen Atoms 11
Solvent Atoms 351


Software Name Purpose
SHELX model building
SHELXL-97 refinement
MOSFLM data reduction
CCP4 data scaling version: (SCALA)
SHELXE model building