SOLUTION NMR Experimental Data

Experimental Details
Sample Conditions
Sample Contents2mM ACSL-Phe, 15N, 13C
Solvent10 mM Potassium Phosphate, 10mM NaCl, 0.02mM EDTA. 90% H2O-10% D2O or 100% D2O.
Ionic Strength10 mM KPi, 10mM NaCl
Temperature (K)298
Experiment(s):3D_15N-separated_NOESY, 3D_13C-separated_NOESY, DQF-COSY, HNN-COSY
Spectrometer Information
Manufacturer Model Field Strength
Bruker AMX 500.0
NMR Refinement
Method simulated annealing
Details 294 NOE distance constraints, 36 base pair constraints, 70 torsion angle constraints. Global fold without torsion angle constraints. Refinement with torsion angle constraints.
NMR Ensemble Information
Conformers Submitted Total Number 1
Additional NMR Experimental Information
1 The structure was determined using 1H, 13C, 15N and 31P heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy.
Computation: NMR Software
# Classification Software Name Author
1 refinement version: 3.861 X-PLOR Brunger, A.
2 data analysis version: 98 FELIX MSI-Biosym
3 structure solution version: 3.1 X-PLOR Brunger