EM Sample
Sample Aggregation State PARTICLE
EM Data Acquisition
Date of Experiment --
Num of Micrographs-Images Used --
Temperature (Kelvin) --
Microscope Model FEI/PHILLIPS CM200FEG
Detector Type --
Minimum Defocus (nm) --
Maximum Defocus (nm) --
Minimum Tilt Angle (degrees) --
Maximum Tilt Angle (degrees) --
Nominal CS --
Imaging Mode --
Electron Dose (electrons nm**-2) --
Illumination Mode --
Nominal Magnification --
Calibrated Magnification --
Source --
Acceleration Voltage (kV) --
Imaging Details --
3D Reconstruction
Software Package(s)
Reconstruction Method
EM Image Reconstruction Statistics
Number of Particles 981
Effective Resolution 12.0
Other Details IMAGE RECONSTRUCTION INCLUDING CONTRAST TRANSFER CORRECTION, WAS DONE AS DESCRIBED IN T.S.Baker & R.H.Cheng, J.Struct.Biol. 116, 120-130 (1996) and J.F.Conway & A.C.Steven, J.Struct.Biol. 128, 106 (1999). Nine focal pairs were analyzed, yielding 2939 particles, of which 981 were included in the final map. This map was calculated to 12 Angstroms, its resolution as assessed by Fourier Ring Correlation (cutoff 2 sigma), as calculated between reprojections of two maps from half data sets.
EM Map-Model Fitting and Refinement
Refinement Space Refinement Protocol Refinement Target Overall B Value Fitting Procedure Fitting Software
REAL -- -- -- -- --