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Materials and Methods page
  •   NMR Eperiment Details Hide
    Representative Model Choice Rationale
    closest to the average  
    Spectrometer Info
    Field Strength 3400.0
    Manufacturer Bruker
    Model EMX
    Sample Conditions
    IDs solution ID:1 condition ID:1
    Sample Contents 50-100 uM KcsA, PBS pH 7.2, reconstituted into asolectin vesicles at a 1:500 protein:lipid ratio (molar)
    Solvent System 100% H2O
    Ionic Strength 50-100 mM
    pH 7.2
    Pressure ambient
    Temperature 293
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    Method simulated annealing
    Details structures are based on a total of 438 restraints, with 84 intra-subunit distance constraints per subunit and 15 inter-subunit constraints
  •   NMR Ensemble Information Hide
    Conformer Selection Criteria structures with the lowest energy
    Conformers Calculated Total Number 32
    Conformers Submitted Total Number 8
  •   NMR Experimental Information Hide
    IDs experiment ID:1 solution ID:1 conditons ID:1
    Type Power Saturation Experiments in 21% O2 or 10 mM NiEdda
    IDs experiment ID:2 solution ID:2 conditons ID:2
    Type Dipolar couplings derived from underlabeled samples
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    Detail This structure was determined using secondary structure assignments from frequency analysis of solvent accessibility data and tertiary and quaternary structural information from spin-spin dipolar couplings
  •   Software and Computing Hide
    NMR Software
    Authors MSI
    Classification refinement
    Software Name DISCOVER 3
    Authors MSI
    Classification structure solution
    Software Name DISCOVER 3
    Authors Bruker Instruments
    Classification collection
    Software Name EPR Aquisit 2.32